Icon Retreats

The materials that I use in icon writing are pure pigments, egg yolk, and gold leaf gilding.   I usually bring most of the materials to class but if you'd like to purchase your own, as somewhere down the line you probably will, here is a list of what I recommend:

  • plastic round palettes (Dick Blick)
  • at least 3 round watercolor brushes (000, 1, 3)
  • small water containers
  • paper towels, q tips
  • pencil,erasers, sharpie
  • sketch book
  • tracing paper
  • ruler
  • notebook to keep notes and drawings
  • pigment set (Natural Pigments or Prosopon)

For the first icon, we use a drawing I have of Saint Michael. That is a good one to start with.  After that one is completed, you may choose a simple icon on your own as long as the model is a good one.  (Bring in color copies and we will work on the drawing together.)


A couple of things:  I teach the Byzantine method, and also incorporate Aidan Hart's teaching from his book mentioned below. I also rely on Egon Sendler's "ICON:Image of the Invisible" which is unsurpassed in explanation of sacred geometry and inverse perspective. Iconography is an art and spiritual discipline.  The lifestyle of an iconographer is one of fasting and prayer.  Fasting can take many forms, not only fasting from food.  Fasting from negative thoughts and attitudes counts!

Here are some useful Icon Writing Books.  


Techniques of Icon and Wall Painting, by Aidan Hart

The Icon, Image of the Invisible, Egon Sendler

Icon as Communion, George Kordis

DVD by Vladislav Andrev "Emmanuel For Beginners" instructional DVD


Weekend Retreat:  Starting Friday night 6-9PM, Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday 1-5PM  Mid morning and mid afternoon break, lunch provided, It will be fast paced,  with demonstrations and individual teaching instruction  Cost : $215.00  To register email: Christine@newchristianicons, or chales@halesart.com. 

Dates: October 16,17, & 18

Introduction to Icon Writing retreat

St. James Episcopal Church, 865 Madison Avenue, NY, NY

212- 774-4231   email Grace Beecham to register: gbeacham@stjames.org 

We will be painting a Madonna and Child Icon for Advent!

May 6, 7, 8  Holy Cross Monastery

1615 Route 9W, West Park, NY  12493

  Introduction to Icon Writing, using egg tempera and gold leaf gilding, we will write an Icon of Saint Michael the Archangel.

Contact Brother Peter: 845-384-6660 x3019




To create an egg tempera icon, it normally takes about 30 hours.  There are many transparent layers and highlights that create a beautiful, jewel like appearance to the Icon that can't be attained any other way.  It is a process of prayer, meditation and painting.  A one week workshop's schedule:

Mon- Friday 9-5pm, starting with morning prayer and concluding with a blessings of the Icons.  This schedule can be adapted . Please email to discuss possible dates.  chales@halesart.com

Dates:   TBD


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