These Icons are all written with egg tempera on gessoed wood panels with gold leaf gilding. They are varying sizes ranging from 12" x9" up to 36' X 24".

This is a partial sample of my Icons. More are available upon request.

From left to right, the Icons are: Fyodor of Rostov, Archangel Michael, Four Creatures, Holy Silence, Transfiguration,Seed of Abraham, Burning Bush, St. Demetrius, Madonna and Child, Saint Cyril, Christ, St. Anthony,   Mary, Mother of God, Holy Trinity, Crucifixion, St. Patrick.  Most of the Icons are available for purchase. Email for pricing:  christine@newchristianicons.com.

Icons are a tremendous help in our spiritual practice by providing visual images that resonate in our hearts with God's principles and make it easier to focus our prayers.   Each Icon tells a story and each one has a different inspirational message for us.  I often choose Icons to "write" that have meaning and provide help for spiritual issues I am praying through.  

The word icon simply means "image", and we use the term to refer to sacred images which have historically been revered as equivalent in authority to Holy Scripture as a visual expression of the Word of God. Some Icons are said to perform healing miracles while others function as meditation objects and are part of an interactive relationship with God.

While Icons are strongly rooted in classical Greek and Roman Art, they were developed during the Byzantine period- 330-1453.  The Renaissance, which came after, began a long period of decline in artistic quality of sacred images.  However the discipline continues to evolve as a living art form and in recent years has attracted many new practitioners across the globe.

My Icons are an expression of a calling to create holy Images for God's people.  "We have not received the spirit of the world but the Spirit that is from God, so that we may understand the things freely given us by God." 1 Corinthians 2:12  Icons remind us of God's world, of His Spirit and help us to meditate on Him, thus giving us a less worldly perspective and a more heavenly one!  That is why Icons are called windows into heaven!