Icons written by Christine Simoneau Hales

" It is certainly a challenging task to take up the iconic vocabulary and make it fresh and visually relevant to our time. Christine Simoneau Hales has succeeded in doing so, and doing so brilliantly. I would never have thought that it would be possible for a contemporary artist to work in the wake of the great Byzantine masters. And yet, Simoneau Hales has done so not only beautifully but indeed she has done so in a way that makes her work consonant with our times. "
Andre Emmerich, Past President, Art Dealers of Americaā€¯

Christine Hales,  " Icons are extraordinary.  They are able to bring the valuable Traditions of Icon Writing into a twenty-first Century vernacular that never ceases to engage and uplift viewers. Their value to our culture  is established by the effect they have of bringing God's presence to the viewer."