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"Christ the Healer Icon"  original icon by Christine Simoneau Hales

It is certainly a challenging task to take up the iconic vocabulary and make it fresh and visually relevant to our time. Christine Simoneau Hales has succeeded in doing so, and doing so brilliantly. I would never have thought that it would be possible for a contemporary artist to work in the wake of the great Byzantine masters. And yet, Simoneau Hales has done so not only beautifully but indeed she has done so in a way that makes her work consonant with our times.


Andre Emmerich, Past President, Art Dealers of America

"My desire is to make icons that increase our awareness of God's Presence in the world and that help us enter into Divine relationship with Him every moment we gaze at them.  Through prayer and meditation I believe we can adddress the problems and issues of our world and effect significant change with God's help.  Icons help to focus our attention and awareness on God.  I hope you enjoy the icons on this website." Christine Simoneau Hales 

                                                         All photos on site courtesy Mick Hales Photography, unless otherwise indicated.

Visit:   New Christian Icons Blog  to see the latest news.  Visit: to see Christine's bio and contemporary paintings. 

To Contact her, email:

Christine's studio is in the Hudson Valley, New York.


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